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Will OQRS be available for 9N7XW OR QSL DIRECT?

No, Kazik will not use OQRS, so direct or bureau is the way...

Hi my friends, I have my call busted
Qso date is 2016 oct 25 at 15:12 utc 20m cw 9N7FD de IT9YOZ. Can you fix it please?

Best regards and 73,s
Thank you for your help...

Wow thank you... Speed of light

How about 30 meters more during your night time so the US has a chance to work you.  Seems like your never on any band during the times that are good for the US .  Thanks

Please listen for NA 2330 - 0130  40m had good signal tonight, but Eu did also  73 N8DX

Please NA on 20M CW between 0000 - 0200z. 


I haven't worked 9N since working Father Moran, 9N1MM, and have only worked 9N on Phone. I need 9N on CW. The best conditions from W8 (Michigan) are between 0000-0200z on 20M. 


Thank you. Best wishes. 73 & GL


Tom, K8BKM



Zrobiłem disiaj łączność RTTY z Bogdanem 9N7FD na 15 m.

Niestety jest błąd w moim znaku.

Powinien być SN6P a nie SN6PT.




Marek  SN6P


  I also have a busted call on RTTY.  My call is: N0VVV with was the call he first came back to...  Then on 73 he posted N0VV   Not in the log as well.   Thanks

How can I contact 9N7FD about my call being busted during a RTTY QSO on 20 meters 10/20/16 at 12:06z.

Bogdan sent my call correctly twice "KK4CB 599 KK4CB" but after I sent him a report he sent KK4CBK. So I'm not in his log.


9N will be a ATNO for me when I get a good QSO after 26 years being a Ham. Close by mountains block signals from that part of the world for me.


Thanks for any help.

Clint KK4CB


kk4cb53 "@"

Hi Clint,

Bogdan attached "K" ending your transmition to your callsign, but no problem. He should correct it or will make correction after receiving your card.


Thank you very much. Hope to work you again for ATNO on another mode or another band.


73 de Clint KK4CB

Hello ... I am extremely appreciative of folks who spend their time and treasure to give other amateurs a new country ... so I am not really complaining. However, the creed you had for this trip was to focus on NA and SA small guns.


I have been watching the spots and what I have seen is that during the daytime when the "D" layer absorption is heavy, you folks are on 40 meters. In the night when the "F" layer skip has gone to bed (because of our poor propogation in this part of thesun cycle) you are on 15 and 12 meters !! On the occassion when you are on 20 meters at the right time of the day (morning) are on SSB. This does not bode well for NA, SA and small stations. I'd LOVE to work Nepal but I have not even heard you to this point. I am on the east cost of the US.


Just mentioning ...


Thank You so much for the opportunity. Please consider your band choices and the time of day. You are working a TON of Europeans and Asians but few of us across the waves.

Dear fellow from East Coast. 

Thank you for valuable remarks. We will try to do our best but there are some limitations: we must sleep at least 4 hours a day, we must eat sometimes and time of meals does not depend on us. We gave up washing  tooth and sightseeing.


This QTH has specific propagation and it changes various days. At least we are learning...We know that best time for NA is 23-2 and 13-15 UTC. In the morning there is usually JA wall and in the afternoon EU zoo is hardly managable.


Our operators are dedicated to certain emissions:


9N7WE mostly SSB

9N7FD mostly RTTY

9N7XW mostly RTTY

9N7ZT mostly CW


Please notice that some amateurs around the world are using only RTTY or only CW or only SSB. WE cannot prefere CW due to its best breaking through ability.


Plaese understand that small stations are everywhere, not only in NA...and we would like to give them a chance as well as work NA-SA through difficult path.





Będę uszczęśliwiony jak dowiem się że jestem w Logu dziś 18-10-2016r +- 08:12.Przy moim sprzęcie zabytkowym nie jest to czasami możliwe.Serdecznie pozdrawiam Marek SP5XZM Piaseczno 73!

Jesteś w logu na 15m.

Very strong at 1300Z here in TExas this morning, but all you work is JA.  Please listen for USA around this time.   Many USA calling and it would be a new one on 30 for most of us.  Thank  you Oct 16, 2016

Hi all,


Many Thanks for your dxpedition efforts.


I worked Bogdan 9N7FD RTTY on 26 March 2015 at 20:19UTC 599 599 14.089mhz and it appears you have my call as WD9NZK rather than the correct call WD9HZK. Tried to get it corrected during QSO but in the heat of the battle, failed.


Can you please correct your log and upload correction to LOTW or email me(wd9hzk at gmail) the QSL info and requirements. ATNO for me.  OQRS would be nice and makes it easy to donate.




WD9HZK, Dwight

Hello Bogdan,

Will you set up OQRS for the Nepal expedition?

Thanks for a new one.


73 Fred

Hi, I need to talk with Bogdan. My email is ea1fch(arroba)

Thanks and good dxpedition


Please I need the email of Bogdan. Thanks

Hi Guys,

thanks for a "new one".

Thanks for "fishing out" my QRP signal several times on different bands!



Norbert, DK6NF



Many thanks for a new one can you please check 9n7fd log as I am missing from clublog 425 in contest.







Thanks for the 9N activation. Despite the bad CONDX and all the many problems you had to overcome, you've done an excellent job. I'm already looking forward to your next DXpedition, where ever it may be.


Will you set up OQRS? I see WE has already set up his, but how about CC and FD?


73 Marvin VE3VEE

Does the team plan to upload their logs to LOTW?


73 Jay KA9CFD

9N7CC - yes

9N7FD - yes

9N7WE - no

Great job team, have got you on a few phone & RTTY slots.

However for my last QSO, with 9N7FD : 29/03/15 20m RTTY at 17:31 UTC you have me in the log as G7SE.

Would be good if a correction is possable?

If not I'll try for you there again.


73,  John - G7SSE


I was happy to work you today on 10 and 15m. I was in Nepal myself last year (9N7JX) and was looking forward to working 9N again from my home QTH. Thanks & 73´s, DO2JX

Always it is a pleasure to work person who has traveller spirit...



I'm following this Dxpedition since the very beginning. I'm really disapointed because it seems there is only possibility for SP's land to work you on low bands, and specially on 80m. I didn't heard you at all on 30m although demands is huge on this band and it would have been easy to give a new one to many.

Nobody is perfect :-)

According to your Propagation charts between 1500 and 1700 z is best for West coast on 20 M . Any help would be great... haven"t heard a whisper yet

very short window please 0000 to 0100 tonight your sunrise


73, Russ K5OA


About 0315Z on March 25 Z, 9n7we could be heard in the western US but apparently could not hear those responding to his CQ as he was CQing quite a bit with a few west coast stations coming back to him.  If the 9N noise level could be addressed, some more stations could get through at that time.




Hi, thanks for activating 9N and thanks for the QSO. About 10 hours ago (maybe 1300z on 2014-03-24) I saw a spot for 9N7CC on 20 meters and went to see what I could hear. Unfortuantely it was at frequency 14.245, listening up 5 at 14.250. In south america, these are frequencies frequented by very loud (probably greater than legal limit) spanish-speaking stations. There were QSO's going on at S9+20db on both frequencies, though I could hear something faintly in the background, so the Nepal station may have been there. Fortunately propagation was opeing up on 15 meters, but a better frequency for 20 meters might be anything but these two. Maybe down 10 kc for both (still in the General band) or at the standard Nino frequency of 14.195-14.200 (which is in the Extra portion only for US amateurs). Thanks for your great operation and great website.

I heard you when you came back on 20M.  How about staying on 20M rather than going QRT.  VOACAP predicts best time for 20M in the evening would be between 0000 and 0200.  You were QRT from around 2130 to 0130 according to the spots I saw.  I have looked in my log and I worked stations last year around this time on 20M around 0100 or so.  This included VU and VU4.  Please keep 20M going if you can around these times for NA.  I need you for ATNO.  Thanks and 73!

Mat, WD9Q

We had a good opening this morning on 15M and you were a true S9 and I was able to get my first 9N QSO.  Thanks for asking for NA.

73, Mat WD9Q

But close enough for amateur work! I got him on 15 also! Yay!

Please keep trying on 20 meters from 1300-1500 UTC for Eastern USA.

Signals were strong yesterday into Eastern US around 1500 on 15 meters. Much stronger than the station on 20 meters at the same time. Tnx qso!

Please dear friends, keep trying to be active mor often on Low bands! Your signal are not that weak on low bands, and demand is very high. Please try to be active on 80 & 30m at least a bit more! Would be very very kind of you even if we all know conditions are not that easy on your side... Take care 



Please try 10m about 0400UTC for Hawaii.  So far, I have not heard any 9N from this expedition on any band.  Need 9N for an ATNO.  20m from 0600UTC on may also work.  Thank you, Dan, KH6P

Your signal peaked up to S7 on 20m SSB around 1400z time frame here in W9 call area on short path. However you were too busy working Europe to call through. Please listen short path during the 1400-1500z time frame for NA. Our window of opportunity is short. Our beam heading here in the midwest is practically straight over the north pole.


Thanks and 73 Jay KA9CFD

Nepal is needed in NA. It is # 42 on the most wanted list in North America. One of the reasons for this is the distance and difficulty for prapagation conditions between 9N and NA (especially the eastern W/VE. It is much easier for EU stations to make QSOs with 9N and that is reflected on the EU most wanted list where 9N is # 119, which is far from as rare as for NA stations.

I applaud you for your intentions to focus on NA & SA. I will be looking forward to seeing you on 20m during NA openings. 0100 UTC is probably the peak time for CONDX to VE3.

73 Marvin VE3VEE

Thanks for calling "QRZ outside of EU" every few minuts this morning (March 20). That helped me get trough to you (9N7CC) on 14.247 at 1307 UTC. Your signal was s-zero, just above my noise floor, but 100% percent readable.

Will you guys set up OQRS?

73 Marvin VE3VEE


I am glad you are focusing on NA & SA for small stations to get an all time new one because propagation to 9N is difficult. There are a lot of us who would like to work you. Propagation peaks to the USA will probably be around 0100 and 1500 utc and on 17 meters, but who knows what openings may happen. Please remember that most US hams cannot operate below 14.025 on 20m CW or below 21.025 on 15m CW. They also cannot operate below 14.225 on 20m SSB or below 21.275 on 15m SSB. I hope you will spend a lot of time on CW, followed by SSB since propagation is not good. 73 and good luck.     

Thank you for all valuable suggestions. It is a new QTH for us and we must learn how bands are behaving in 9N. I am operating only 15 and 17m SSB and most of predicted by VOACUP time antenna was pointing to north but no sign of NA stations. I think it may be because of solar activity. Even to Europe and Japan we do not have good propagation. Today/tonight I will suggest 9N7CC & 9N7FD to take special care to week NA signals. Every feedback from NA-SA will be aprecciated


Janusz 9N7WE 

I am W9KNI, in Oregon on the USA West Coast. This morning at 1530 you were S-6 on 20 meters, in spite of terrible conditions and I think with your antenna pointed at Europe.


But there was no way I could break through the European wall. Tomorrow, please turn your antenna to North America starting about 1500 and stay on that for at least a couple hours to give Stateside and VE a chance.






Bob, W9KNI


Thank you for activating 9N. I was listening to 9N7CC on 20m CW and he was confusing the audience by sending 'TU' after each transmission. Please change your CW configuration so that 'TU' is only being sent at the end of a QSO otherwise people will call all the time, thereby reducing the rate significantly. 73! Uli, DM5EE